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Practical Martial Arts

The primary martial arts style we teach is:

Kempo (also spelled 'kenpo') is a purely self-defense oriented martial art, which is to say it's not a sport fighting system. With that goes the understanding that sometimes the best defense is a good offense. (The legal ramifications of one's actions should always be considered.)

It utilizes practical and efficient moves to stop an attack by using your hands, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, footwork and body motions. You will also learn to target pressure points and vital areas. In addition you will learn to apply simple joint locks and grappling techniques along with weapons training for well rounded self-defense knowledge and ability.

Kempo teaches defense against one or more attackers as well as how to defend against commonly used weapons such as guns, knives and clubs.

Unlike sport fighting systems, kempo doesn't use high kicks, spin kicks or flying kicks which are an impressive skill but are not practical in real life situations. Imagine being attacked as you step out of a door or as you're walking between parked cars. For the average person, attempting an acrobatic kick in such a situation would be detrimental.

Kempo kicks are typically aimed at pressure points on the legs and lower torso and only to the head after it has been brought down to or below waist height. Kicks should injure as well as destroy an attacker's stance and expose more targets.

The kempo belt structure: White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, 3rd Brown, 2nd Brown, 1st Brown, Black.

Each belt has a number of self-defense techniques, forms, and fundamental stances, strikes and kicks that must be performed and executed with the required degree of speed, power, precision and understanding before the next belt is awarded.

The techniques are taught in the private lesson, which is included in the cost of lessons. Testing is also conducted in the private lesson. As with the private lessons themselves, testing for belts has no extra or hidden costs. This is beneficial for the student financially, but it also allows for a more honest assessment. There is no sense of "buying a belt." If a test is failed the student is not out a large sum of money. Conversely, when a test is passed the student knows it was truly earned.

In addition to private lessons, group fitness classes, and applications classes are part of the core kempo program available to students at no extra cost.